Conveying Our VALUES

The Name of the Site

Naming the site so that it represented our values took many iterations.

Part of the process involved feedback from present customers. We queried them regarding what words conveyed the essence of our products and the business. This feedback introduced us to a word we had not considered.

“Easy” – Our customers told us that the ease of use (the effective cleaning results and the time they saved) was a major characteristic of our products and a primary reason for their purchase.

“Eco” (Green) describes the significance of ecological, environmental responsibility. Our products must have value in reducing or eliminating negative impacts to our environment.

“Clean” describes the superior result that our customers can expect from each of our products.

Our OFFER to You

One of the joys of shopping at a local food co-op is the selection. A limited selection; but, a selection of goods based upon criteria that match a particular value system.

That’s what is about. We offer you a selection of cleaning supplies that meet very demanding standards.

Our products must
produce a high quality
cleaning result
in the least amount of
time possible and
minimize the negative impacts
to our environment.

We conduct extensive searches for cleaning products so you don’t have to. If our standards coincide with what you want from your cleaning supplies then please consider EasyEcoClean for your cleaning products purchases.

Picture of the Earth with text: A Good Planet is Hard to Find, Protect It


Our mission is to showcase state-of-the-art products and the most progressive
methods for cleaning that:

  • reduce negative environmental impacts,
help us do our work easier and faster,
produce a result that is unmatched by products presently in use,
eliminate or minimize the need for cleaning chemicals,
diminish harmful bacteria in our environment, and
lower our cost for cleaning.

We conduct extensive searches for products so you don’t have to. The products are
then tested to ensure they meet our stringent criteria.

Our search never ends. If this is what you want from your cleaning products, please
bookmark our site and tell us about yourself (see menu).

The Beginning

The products that we have selected for you on are the result of the equipment needs of a service: a commercial cleaning service that specialized in restrooms.

Restrooms in businesses are very exceptional places. Cleaning them requires equipment that is not only durable but also scaled to a size that allows optimal performance when working in a small space.

Janitorial supply houses offered durable equipment but of a scale that made it difficult, and sometimes impossible, to use in a space as small as a restroom. Household supplies were of the right scale but lacked quality, performance, and longevity; they did not hold up to the rigor of commercial cleaning.

Cynthia Powers recognizing EnviroStar certification of her business
Cynthia Powers recognizing EnviroStar certification of her business

The lack of easily attainable products meant that there was an on-going search for just the right equipment. The need for equipment, coupled with the service’s stance that “green cleaning” is not an alternative (as touted by other cleaning services): but; a way of operating, led to the discovery of many environmentally responsible cleaning products.

The products that made it through this selection process became the foundation of