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Why does it take so long for us to change? We understand there are many environmental challenges. We know we need to examine the products and methods we use for cleaning.

Behavioral change has a specific pattern. This article examines this change pattern specific to the adoption of new products and methods for cleaning that are environmentally responsible.

Graph demonstrating the individual's response to change as explained by the Kubler-Ross model

Studies have shown that when individuals are faced with change, they follow a very predictive pattern of response.  This pattern is described in the Kubler-Ross Model and is known as the change curve.

The change curve is represented on a classic X – Y graph.  The vertical plane represents motivation and performance while the horizontal plane is time.  The diagram above is specific to typical responses individuals have when challenged with the information that a change in their cleaning habits would be beneficial from an environmental perspective.

The typical change curve starts with shock and denial.


A person will avoid information that the the cleaning products and methods that they use are not good for the environment.  They are comfortable with the way that they have always cleaned and refuse to believe that a change needs to be made.  They defend their present habits and enter in to the next stage, resistance.  Kubler-Ross change curve pattern 4 phases


They challenge the need to change and ask nit-picky questions.  They try to avoid accountability by refusing to see the negative impact that their present cleaning protocols have on the larger issue of sustainability.  This happens because the reality of the need for change is finally starting to sink in.
They then begin an exploration.


This is where people seek out alternative cleaning products and begin to understand and accept new ways of doing things.  They are motivated to test out the cleaning results that can be achieved with new products and methods.  As they experience the positive results from their exploration they get to the final stage: commitment.


People start to feel they are actually providing a positive impact toward increasing the sustainability of our environment.  They are able to integrate the change into their lives and seek out more ways to focus on continuous improvement.

Where are you on this change curve pattern?  Are you ready for our cleaning products?

Cynthia G. Powers

Cynthia G. Powers

Ms. Powers work life has been punctuated by experiences in sexual discrimination and harassment as well as living with the TBIs that resulted from others ramming their vehicles into her's. Her irascibility and keen analytical skills have been applied to military intelligence, market research, information systems design, and small business development.

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