Beware of Green Cleaning Products

Here’s the boring stuff

Green Cleaning is the use of products and services that reduce the negative health and environmental impact
compared to similar products and services used for the same purpose.

It does not say that it is safe.
It does not say it is non-toxic.
It does not say that no hazards result.

A product can claim to be “green” as long as another product used for the same purpose results in a greater negative impact to our health and the environment. A product and its use does not have to result in no negative impact to make the claim that it is a “green” product.

At we strive to find products that eliminate risk the environment. Some are very technologically advanced (Ultimate Cloth™) while others are old methods that still work (Electrostatic Sweeper).

Any products on our site that have a SDS (Safety Data Sheet) will be published on our site. Our goal in doing this is to demonstrate that “Section 3. Hazards” contains no information. No information in that section means there are no hazardous ingredients unlike other similar products that might claim to be green.

To your health!

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