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Graphic showing the Ultimate Cloth picking up dirt that other cloths leave behind
The Ultimate Cloth
Technology Applied to Cleaning
Picture of two melamine foam eraser sponges that have orange shammy integrated into design
Easy Eco Eraser
Refinement of Eraser Sponge Design
Close-up of Shaws Lil Pad
Shaws Pads
Easily Remove Hard Water Stains

Bottom Line Results for Your Business

Would you like the following?

  • Worker efficiency increases: the amount of time it takes to do the work decreasing.
  • Cleaning results of a higher quality: measurable decreases in levels of dirt and bacteria.
  • Cost of goods decreasing: lower amounts of cleaning agents used producing a commensurate impact on cleaning supply costs.
  • These advantages can be realized by your cleaning service business with the right products.

Operational Challenges for Cleaning Services

One of the most formidable tasks for owners and managers of cleaning service businesses is the sourcing of high quality cleaning products at reasonable prices. This task becomes even more daunting when your goal includes safeguarding the environment.

Through hours of research I found products that met these goals. Incorporating the use of these products within the operations of my cleaning service produced some unexpected, yet welcome, results. Those results are listed above. The key here is that they are also advantages which can be realized by your cleaning service business as well.

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  • a discount schedule for quantity purchasing, and
  • a coupon code to use when shopping online.
Thank you for taking the time to explore our products. We know how busy your days can be and appreciate your interest.

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