Clicking here will take you to the Fuller Brush websiteLine Up of Hair Brushes manufactured by Fuller Brush emphasizing Made in America offers a curated set of products garnered from a variety of sources that are specific to our goals; until recently, Fuller Brush was one of those sources.

After over 20 years of being a representative, Fuller Brush products are no longer available to me.

Last year the Fuller Brush company was sold. After several months of no activity, I discovered their website was again active. My first reapplication as a distributor received no response. I made a second application and followed up with a phone call.

The response to this phone call was inhospitable and very different from my past experience. Inquiries regarding their criteria for becoming a distributor were met with the statement that I was “not” one of their distributors and that I would not be selling the products on my website.

This experience leaves me with numerous doubts regarding the new owners commitment to maintaining the Fuller Brush reputation. The product below is the only one I have left in stock.

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