Your Savings are Multiple with the Ultimate Cloth

  • The time you spend cleaning is reduced.
  • You spend less money.
    • The cloth lasts longer than other cleaning cloths.
    • Fewer cleaning products need to be purchased.
  • Our environment is safeguarded.
    • Chemical use is reduced.
    • Surface is cleaner compared to other products.
    • No harmful residue is left on surface.

Diagram showing How to use Ultimate Cloth: Wet, Wring, Wipe, Walk Away, Wash to Reuse

The Ultimate Cloth is simple to use

Wet the cloth with water, fold in quarters, roll the cloth and twist it.

Wring out thoroughly. The cloth should be damp; not wet, not saturated.

Wipe the cloth over the surface to be cleaned.

Now, just Walk away; it’s that easy.

You may either hand Wash the cloth or launder with other similar items.

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