Easy Eco Eraser


Take the “scrub” out of scrubbing!

The Easy Eco Eraser is the marriage between the melamine eraser sponge and rayon shammy. Two great cleaning components come together to create one amazing cleaning product.

Together they offer a single product that is:

  • Convenient,
  • Easy To Use,
  • Effective, and
  • Efficient.

The superior cleaning performance of melamine foam has earned it the designation ”eraser”. Just like an eraser, light rubbing will lift hard to remove stains from a variety of surfaces.

The Easy Eco Eraser sponge takes this power and adds to it the complementary cleaning benefit of rayon. The advantages provided by the addition of rayon shammy to the melamine foam include:

  • provide a convenient medium for picking up the eraser residue,
  • hold moisture needed for the cleaning process, and
  • help stabilize the attached melamine foam.

Unlike other eraser sponges, the addition of rayon shammy means that no extra cloth is needed. One convenient product helping you to minimize the amount of time and level of effort you spend cleaning.

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Product Information

Amazing Features

That Offer You Multiple Benefits


Cleans with water

No chemicals are in the product

No additional cleaning chemicals are needed

Positive environmental rating

Orange shammy side is biodegradable


Removes "uncleanable" stains

Effective on a wide assortment of marks

Cleans a variety of different surfaces

Restores surface to original condition

Eliminates the need for replacement or reconditioning


Effortlessly glides over the surface

Eraser forms to the shape of the surface being cleaned

Gentle rubbing quickly and easily removes "hard to remove" stains

Cloth incorporated into the design of the eraser for polishing after cleaning

No additional wiping cloth or cleaners needed


Reduce the number of chemical cleaners you buy, you can now clean with water

Save on repairs and maintenance costs when you can clean the stain away


Quickly and easily erases stubborn stains

No need to spend your time restoring a surface when you can clean it off

How To Use Your EasyEcoEraser

What Your EasyEcoEraser Will Clean

Additional information

Weight .03 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 1 in

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