Easy Eco Eraser


Take the “scrub” out of scrubbing!

The Easy Eco Eraser is the marriage between the melamine eraser sponge and rayon shammy. Two great cleaning components come together to create one amazing cleaning product.

Together they offer a single product that is:

  • Convenient,
  • Easy To Use,
  • Effective, and
  • Efficient.

The superior cleaning performance of melamine foam has earned it the designation ”eraser”. Just like an eraser, light rubbing will lift hard to remove stains from a variety of surfaces.

The Easy Eco Eraser sponge takes this power and adds to it the complementary cleaning benefit of rayon. The advantages provided by the addition of rayon shammy to the melamine foam include:

  • provide a convenient medium for picking up the eraser residue,
  • hold moisture needed for the cleaning process, and
  • help stabilize the attached melamine foam.

Unlike other eraser sponges, the addition of rayon shammy means that no extra cloth is needed. One convenient product helping you to minimize the amount of time and level of effort you spend cleaning.

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Product Information

Amazing Features

That Offer You Multiple Benefits

Picture of a healthy earth indicating that products from EasyEcoClean.com help safeguard our environment


  • Cleans with water
  • No chemicals are in the product
  • No additional cleaning chemicals are needed
  • Positive environmental rating
  • Orange shammy side is biodegradable

Graph representing the high performance (efficiency and effectiveness) of cleaning products from EasyEcoClean.com


  • Removes "uncleanable" stains
  • Effective on a wide assortment of marks
  • Cleans a variety of different surfaces
  • Restores surface to original condition
  • Eliminates the need for replacement or reconditioning

Cleaning can be done like the snap of fingers when you use products from EasyEcoClean.com


  • Effortlessly glides over the surface
  • Eraser forms to the shape of the surface being cleaned
  • Gentle rubbing quickly and easily removes "hard to remove" stains
  • Cloth for polishing after cleaning is incorporated into the design of the eraser
  • No additional wiping cloth or cleaners are needed

You Save Money with cleaning products from EasyEcoClean.com


  • Reduce the number of chemical cleaners you buy, you can now clean with water
  • Save on repairs and maintenance costs when you can clean the stain away

Picture of clock indicating that you save time with cleaning products from EasyEcoClean.com


  • Quickly and easily erases stubborn stains
  • No need to spend your time restoring a surface when you can clean it off

Design Characteristics of the Easy Eco Eraser

Unlike other eraser sponges, the Easy Eco Eraser is a combination of two fantastic cleaning materials: melamine foam and viscose rayon (otherwise know as shammy). These two elements are combined to create a truly superior cleaning product.

The white melamine foam layer does all the hard work while the orange rayon layer supports the cleaning. The rayon stabilizes the foam and holds moisture needed for the cleaning process. Additionally, unlike other eraser sponges, you don't need an extra cloth available to wipe the eraser residue from the surface. Just turn your Easy Eco Eraser over: quick and easy.

Melamine Foam
The two components of the Easy Eco Eraser sponge-melamine foam and rayon shammy

Melamine foam is a chemical compound called ‘formaldehyde-melamine-sodium bisulfite copolymer’. Although it contains the word ‘formaldehyde’; it is not the dangerous element formaldehyde. Think of it like the chemical ‘sodium chloride’, which is table salt. Sodium by itself can be dangerous, but sodium chloride; salt, is safe. Formaldehyde by itself is also dangerous. It is not; and has never been, an ingredient of melamine foam. Melamine foam; like table salt, poses no risk to health.


Rayon, although man-made, is not synthetic. It is made from wood pulp, a naturally-occurring, cellulose-based raw material. The Easy Eco Eraser contains a high quality rayon that is able to hold up to 20 times its weight in water. This provides an amazing complement to the cleaning power of melamine foam.

The Technology – How Melamine Foam is Made

Artists rendering of melamine foam sponge with close-up of sturcture

The EasyEcoEraser is a melamine resin that has been cured into foam and is produced under the name Basotect®. It is an open-cell foam with pores having a diameter of less than 2 nanometers thus acquiring the designation microporous. To view the crucial properties of melamine foam, you need to go down to the microscopic level (see illustration).

While the foam itself is very flexible and pliable, the slender, tiny strands which make up its three-dimensional network structure are very hard; almost as hard as glass. The open cell construction of the foam works like an extremely fine sandpaper allowing it to get into tiny grooves and pits of the object being cleaned. Like a pencil easer, the foam abrades the surface and the stain on it. A slight residue is left behind which can be picked up by the rayon.

How to Use Your Easy Eco Eraser

It’s Easy - - - It’s Simple - - - It’s Safe
  • Wet with water only, no cleaning chemicals are needed
  • Squeeze out the excess water
  • Use the white performance side for cleaning
  • Lightly scrub until the stain is removed
  • Use the orange shammy side to remove residue from the surface after cleaning
  • Clean out the sponge by rinsing with water
  • Begin again

Clean with water only. When wet, the eraser will glide effortlessly over the surface being cleaned.

The white foam surface of the sponge wears away like a pencil eraser leaving behind a slight residue. Use the biodegradable orange shammy side to remove the residue. Discard the sponge when the white performance surface is gone.

How the Easy Eco Eraser Works

Melamine foam erasers are formed differently from other similar cleaning products and only need water to effectively clean. The Easy Eco Eraser is not pre-treated, nor does it contain any added chemicals: there are no cleaning agents, detergents, or other cleaning products added to the eraser.

To all outward appearances the melamine foam looks and feels just like any other sponge. It is soft and pliable and will easily adapt to the shape of the surface being cleaned.

When wet the eraser will glide effortlessly over a surface. This outward softness and ease of use defies the hardness of the cavity-ridden, open-cell microstructure of the melamine foam. A microscopic view of this structure is shown in the background.

The eraser foam is very abrasive and works like an extremely fine grade of sandpaper. It scrapes away stains with extremely hard microscopic filaments by getting into tiny grooves and pits in the object being cleaned.

As the stains loosen, cleaning is aided by the moisture in the eraser. The water pulls the loosened grime into the open spaces between the spindly skeletal strands and is bound there. The foam wears away leaving behind a slight residue similar to what you would experience with a pencil eraser.

After cleaning with the foam side, simply turn the Eraser over to wipe with the rayon shammy side to remove any residue. Rinsing the Eraser in water releases the dirt and debris, cleaning out the eraser for your next task.

Surfaces You Can Clean With the Easy Eco Eraser

Painted SurfacesMarble
FormicaStainless Steel
Ceramic TilePorcelain
Glass and MirrorsBlinds

Sample Listing of What You Can Remove With the Easy Eco Eraser

Dirt and GrimeInk
Permanent MarkerCrayon
Soap ScumTar
Hard Water StainsPaint
Scuff MarksMold
Rust SpotsMildew
Nicotine SpotsPencil Marks
Food StainsWine Stains
Food ColorCoffee Stains

Microscopic Views of
Melamine Sponge

Microscopic Views of melamine sponge showing open cell like structure

Questions and Answers

Are there any surfaces that the Easy
Eco Eraser should not be used on?

If you ever have any questions or doubts about safely using your Easy Eco Eraser on a surface, test in an inconspicuous place.
The Easy Eco Eraser should not be used on the following surfaces.

  • Automotive type painted surfaces
  • Clear coat stainless steel
  • Bright work
  • High gloss finishes and shiny surfaces
We recommend using the Ultimate Cloth for cleaning these surfaces.
Is the Easy Eco Eraser sponge safe
to use around children and pets?


However, the Easy Eco Eraser is not a toy.
Keep the product away from children and pets.
If swallowed the product may block the gastrointestinal tract.

Will the eraser remove paint?


The action of the Easy Eco Eraser is similar to that of a fine grade of sandpaper; that is why eraser-like residue is left behind. The eraser is capable of removing the most stubborn dirt, stains, grease, and marks from any surface. Be mindful when you clean, however, that the Easy Eco Eraser sponge is so good at cleaning that it can remove paint and other materials off the surface as well.

Can the Easy Eco Eraser be used to
clean all types of stainless steel?


The Easy Eco Eraser is an excellent option for stainless steel that does not have a "clear coat". Gently rub the eraser with the grain of the stainless steel to remove embedded dirt and grime.

Some manufacturers put a "clear coat" on their stainless steel. The eraser could damage this type of finish. The best way to determine whether this finish has been applied, is to refer to the manufacturer's guide. For clear coat stainless steel we recommend using the Ultimate Cloth.

Can you use other cleaning
products with the Easy Eco Eraser?

It is recommended that water be used with the Easy Eco Eraser.
No additional cleaner is needed.


Melamine foam has been used for over 20 years as insulation for pipes and ductwork as well as for sound proofing material in studios, sound stages, and auditoriums. A few years ago it was accidentally discovered that the foam is an effective abrasive cleaner.

Country of Origin

The foam is manufactured in Germany by BASF under the name "Basotect".
It is fabricated in the USA.


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