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Dragging out a vacuum can be a real pain: they are big, heavy, and the cords get tangled. Your Electrostatic Sweeper from Fuller Brush gets the job done easily and in a fraction of the time.

This lightweight, battery-free, quiet solution effortlessly picks up dust, lint, hair, and other dry debris. As you push the sweeper back and forth, a powerful electrostatic charge is created by the natural boar hair bristle rotor.

The carpet sweeper works on multiple surfaces: low pile carpet, tile, wood, and linoleum. The ergonomic handle swings down making it ideal for hard-to-reach places like under sofas, tables, chairs and beds.

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Product Video

Electrostatic Carpet Sweeper | Fuller Brush Man

Duration 00:03:28

A concise, detailed video regarding the Fuller Brush Electrostatic Carpet Sweeper.

Regarding colors - The Electrostatic Sweeper comes in a variety of different colors. See options above.

Electrostatic Carpet Sweeper | HSNtv

Duration 00:14:15

This video is somewhat lengthy and redundant; but, watching just a few minutes of it will provide you with the information you need regarding how to use the sweeper and the results you can expect.

Although the title of the video is "Stanley Home" Electrostatic Cordless Carpet Sweeper, it is the same high quality sweeper that carries the Fuller Brush brand name. Fuller Brush owns Stanley Home Products and some of the products, like the Electrostatic Carpet Sweeper, are represented in both product lines.


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