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Lil Shaws Pad


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Toilet Ring Remover

The Shaws Pads remove scale, lime, rust, and other hard water deposits from porcelain and ceramic tile with water; a true non-toxic cleaning product.

Measuring only 2 inches square, the Lil Shaws Pads are great for getting into small places. You can easily remove stains from around faucets without damaging the chrome.

The Lil Shaws Pad is also effective at detailing porcelain toilets, sinks, and urinals. The pad will eat away paint splatters, remove plumbers gunk, scrape away adhesives that defy scrubbing, and take off ink and crayon. Try one today!

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Introduction to the Shaws Pad | 1:20

Tips for Using the Shaws Pad | 2:37

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BENEFITS: Safe•Simple•Easy•Effective

  • Safe and easy for anyone to use
  • Our environment is safeguarded
  • Safe for use in septic systems
  • User is spared exposure to harsh chemicals
  • Chemicals are not introduced into waste water
  • No guessing about the results you will get when compared to chemical alternatives

RESULTS: Before and After

Before/After picture - Shaws Pads remove hard water build-up from porcelain sink

How to Use Your Shaws Pad

  • Simply moisten the pad and rub gently. Don’t overwork; it’s very easy.
  • Moisten the pad before use. We recommend that a moistened pad sit for a couple of minutes prior to use.
  • Ensure that the surface of the pad is flat on the surface that is being cleaned.
  • The Shaw’s Handle has a flexible head that easily adjusts to different angles.
  • The pad alone is very malleable allowing it to conform to the surface being cleaned.
  • A porcelain finish in good condition is essential for effective results.

How Long Will the Shaws Pad Last?

The longevity of the Shaws Pad depends on the cleaning problem for which the pad is being applied.
  • In regular cleaning maintenance situations; for instance, rubbing the hard water buildup off a toilet or sink, a single pad will last through several cleanings.
  • In situations where there is a build up over several months or even years of hard water and mineral deposits, you might wear out 2-4 pads before completing the work.
In both cases you will be able to remove the unsightly water stains without the use of chemicals.

Shaws Pads Compared to Pumice Stones

Pumice stones (or pumie sticks) are an elemental product that have been used as a natural solution for this type of cleaning problem. Unlike pumice, Shaws Pads offer the following advantages.
  • Do not break in two while using them.
  • Require less physical effort.
  • Are malleable and able to get into areas otherwise unreachable with a stone.
  • Clean the surface area thoroughly without leaving uncleaned streaks.
  • Do not produce a variety of irritating high pitched sounds while cleaning.

History of the Shaws Pad

Almost forty years ago a city plumber from Peoria, Arizona manufactured the first Shaw’s Pad. The purpose of the pad was to remove the black marks that plumbing snakes leave behind after use in a toilet. The Pads were initially sold through plumbing outlets.

Choosing a Design

Shaws Pads come in three different designs: Shaws Handle, Lil Shaws Pad, and Shaws Pads – 2 Pack.
Shaws Pads come in three different designs: Shaws Handle, Lil Shaws Pad, and Shaws Replacement Pads
Shaws Handles have a flexible head that easily adjusts to different angles. Its size is appropriate for removing rings from inside a toilet bowl and allows the user to work the pad without getting their hands wet. The Handles are also great for efficient cleaning of large surface areas.

Shaws Pads can be used alone or as a replacement pad for the handle.

Lil Shaws Pads are great for getting into small places. You can easily remove stains around faucets without damaging the chrome.

Surfaces the Shaws Pad Will Clean

The Shaws Pad is a hard surface cleaner. The efficacy of the pad is directly related to the condition of the surface being cleaned. It is recommended for porcelain and ceramic tile that have a finish in good condition.

Shaws Pads can be used on porcelain toilets, urinals, and sinks; ceramic tile; swimming poolsThe Shaws Pad is an excellent choice for cleaning new fixtures. Using the Pad will safeguard the finish and ensure the longevity of your facility.

If the finish has been damaged from the use of harsh chemical cleaners or a pumice stone; you may have to continue with these cleaners until you replace the fixture.

What the Shaws Pads Will Remove

Shaws Pads easily remove hard water stains, calcium deposits, lime buildup, & rust without the use of chemicals.
  • Known as the “Ring-Go-Star” of the porcelain throne
  • Removes crusted deposits from pool tiles
  • Cleans up porcelain sinks
  • Rubs off stains from ceramic tiles

Additionally, the pad will effectively remove other unwanted substances from porcelain and ceramic tile including:

  • plumber’s gunk,
  • graffiti,
  • adhesives and glues,
  • paint and ink.


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