Paper Towel Replacement Kit

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Why consider a paper towel replacement?

  • You Save Money
  • Natural Resources are Not Squandered
  • You Generate Less Waste

The Ultimate Cloth is thin like a paper towel; but, unlike a paper towel it:

  • absorbs more liquid,
  • cleans the surface while you wipe,
  • will not self destruct, and
  • can be used over and over.

Your Eco-Friendly Un-Paper Towel Kit includes:

4 Cloths in Different Colors – 13½” x 15½” – 1 package
Yellow / Fuchsia / Lime Green / Sapphire

2 White Cloths – Standard Size – 13½” x 15½”

You provide:

Your choice and style of any decorative file folder holder available at your favorite office supply/department store.

Your Kit includes the following ReUsable Eco Cloths:
Ultimate Cloth in yellow, fuchsia, lime green, blue-color coded to manage cleaning tasks
Image of a folded white Ultimate Cloth with information sheet in background

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Product Video

How To Hand Wash Your Ultimate Cloth

Duration 00:00:53

Hand washing is a quick and easy way to clean your cloth so that you can continue your cleaning. All you have to do is:

  • Agitate the cloth in warm water with soap,
  • Use hand soap, dish soap, or laundry detergent,
  • Rinse thoroughly, then
  • Wring and fold.

You are now ready to re-use this eco-safe, long-lasting cleaning cloth. Enjoy your Ultimate Cloth!

Ultimate Cloth Demonstration

Duration 00:05:21

If you have never used the Ultimate Cloth, the time you spend watching this video is worth it. Better than any other video, it succinctly demonstrates the benefits and uses of the cloth.

Why You Should Use the Ultimate Cloth

Duration 00:00:54

The Ultimate Cloth helps you simplify your life.

This innovative cloth cleans with water, no chemicals are needed.

  • Save Time
  • Save Money
  • Safeguard Our Environment

How To Use Your Ultimate Cloth

Duration 00:01:08

The Ultimate Cloth is simple to use. Follow the 5Ws:

  • Wet,
  • Wring,
  • Wipe,
  • Walk away, then
  • Wash to re-use it over and over, again and again.

What You Can Clean With Your Ultimate Cloth

Duration 00:01:29

The Ultimate Cloth is suitable for numerous cleaning applications and all you need is water. Dampen the Ultimate Cloth® and use it on a window, then on a mirror, on a faucet, a countertop, a sink. Use it on appliances, then wipe the door knob and the area around it. Just keep going. Use it on a wall, in the shower, the chrome trim on the car and the vinyl inside it. It is the most effective and versatile cleaning cloth on the market.

Before & After Cleaning Results With the Ultimate Cloth

Duration 00:00:58

The Ultimate Cloth cleans with water; no chemicals are needed. It's the fiber of the cloth that picks up dirt, grime, and bacteria leaving a clean surface behind. A practical cleaning product that safeguards our environment.

Before and After results are shown for:

  • cleaning a window both inside and out and
  • showing the removal of both hidden dirt and visible dirt.

Cleaning an iPad with the Ultimate Cloth

Duration 00:00:21

Very short video demonstration of how quickly and effectively the Ultimate Cloth can clean; no chemicals needed.

Product Information

UN-PAPERING THE PAPER TOWEL – How to Use the Ultimate Cloth as a Paper Towel Replacement

Need to wipe something up? The Ultimate Cloth is the perfect paper towel replacement. It is thin like a paper towel but unlike a paper towel it is:

  • indestructible and will not tear apart during use,
  • cleans the surface as you wipe,
  • more absorbent than a paper towel,
  • reusable, does not create waste, and
  • saves you money.

The thickness of a Paper Towel and the Ultimate Cloth is the same.

The Cycle of Re-Use

  • Wipe the Surface to Clean
  • Rinse Out or Quickly Hand Wash (see video)
  • Wring Tightly
  • Fold Lightly
  • Replace in Holder
  • Ready for Re-Use
  • Periodically launder with like items

A True Paper Towel Replacement in an Eco Cloth

Which Style Fits Your Decor?

Amazing Features

If you have only one tool in your cleaning kit, the Ultimate Cloth is the one to have.

Picture of a healthy earth indicating that products from help safeguard our environment


  • Cleaning with water means that there is no chemical residue left behind
  • No chemicals are in the cloth
  • No additional cleaning chemicals are needed
  • Outlasts natural fiber cloths thereby minimizing the waste produced during the manufacturing process
  • Protects users by removing bacteria from the surface

Graph representing the high performance (efficiency and effectiveness) of cleaning products from


  • Simple in design, this cloth is a real workhorse
  • Cleans a multitude of different surfaces
  • Easily lifts dirt and bacteria
  • Long lasting
  • Highly absorbent yet dries quickly
  • Washable (hand or machine)
  • Deep cleans yet is gentle on surfaces

Cleaning can be done like the snap of fingers when you use products from


  • Just follow the 5Ws
    • WET with water
    • WRING out excess moisture; the cloth should be damp, not saturated
    • WIPE the surface to be cleaned
    • Your cleaning is now done! Just WALK AWAY
    • WASH to reuse your cloth over and over, again and again

You Save Money with cleaning products from


  • Reduce the number of chemical cleaners you buy, you can now clean with water
  • The Ultimate Cloth outlasts 5 to 10 natural fiber cleaning cloths saving you money by reducing your expenditures for cleaning supplies
  • Time is money - the time you spend cleaning is reduced freeing you up for other activities

Picture of clock indicating that you save time with cleaning products from


  • The time you spend cleaning is reduced
  • A simple swipe of the cloth removes dirt and bacteria from the surface
  • No need to spend your time testing out unhealthy chemical cleaning alternatives

Choosing the Right Ultimate Cloth

Colors or White?

Ultimate Cloth Colors are excellent for identifying which cloth is to be used for a particular space or function. You might want to designate a specific color for the nursery, the bathroom, the kitchen sink, or the smears left on the patio door by the dog's nose.

Standard Size or BadBoy Size?

If your hand is large the BadBoy Supersize is for you. Another reason for selecting the larger size is when the scale of the surface being cleaned is extensive. For general household cleaning tasks the Standard Size Ultimate Cloth™ works very well.

The Ultimate Cloth Cleans With Water

It is the fiber of the Ultimate Cloth that makes it work so well; there are no chemicals in the cloth.

Illustration depicting eco friendly cleaning effectiveness of Ultimate Cloth fiber to pick up dirt

The cloth has exceptional cleaning ability and is best used with water. This does not mean, however, that cleaners cannot be used with it.


In January of 2010 the Ultimate Cloth® was one of five finalists for “The 2010 Visionary Awards”. This award is presented by the Association of the Non-woven Fabrics Industry at an annual competition recognizing nonwovens role in consumer goods. What you can clean with the Ultimate Cloth-Home, car, boat-indoor and outdoor

Guarantee / Longevity

Longevity of the cloth depends on the surfaces cleaned. It is guaranteed for up to 5 years in general household use and 1 year in commercial use.
Continual use of the cloth on rough surfaces (such as concrete or grout) will wear the cloth much faster than using it on smooth surfaces such as glass or leather.
In any case; however, the cloth will outlast (and out perform) any other cloth on the market.

Your First Use

Dampen the Ultimate Cloth® and use it on a window, then on a mirror, on a faucet, a countertop, a sink.

Use it on appliances, then wipe the door knob and the area around it. Just keep going.

Use it on a wall, in the shower, the chrome trim on the car and the vinyl inside it.

You can clean any kind of smooth surface with it.

The only cleaning supply you need is water.

It is the most effective and versatile cleaning cloth on the market.

Depiction of how the eco friendly cleaning cloth is easy to use just Wet, Wring, Wipe, Walk Away, then Wash to reuse.

How to Use YOUR Ultimate Cloth

Wet the cloth with water, fold in quarters, roll the cloth and twist it to wring out thoroughly. The cloth should be damp; not wet, not saturated.

Wipe the cloth over the surface to be cleaned.

Now, just walk away; it’s that easy.

When one side of the cloth becomes dirty, turn to a clean side of the fold.

Wash when the entire cloth becomes soiled; either hand wash it to continue cleaning or launder with other similar items.

Where the Ultimate Cloth Can Clean

The Ultimate Cloth® is a multi-surface cleaner and can be used anywhere.

In the HomeAutomobilesBoats / RVsMotorcycles
KitchenBathroomDining RoomLiving Room
Office BuildingsPatio / DeckNurseriesAirplane
The cloth can be used inside and outside, from top to bottom, on items that are delicate or tough, and surfaces that are fragile or hard.

Surfaces Your Ultimate Cloth Will Clean

CamerasStainless SteelElectonicsVinyl
FormicaPainted WallsComputersPhones
Ceramic TilePlasticPorcelainChrome

What you can clean with the Ultimate Cloth-Home, car, boat-indoor and outdoor

How the Ultimate Cloth® Is Made

The Ultimate Cloth® is a nonwoven cloth made from a patented endless filament technology process called MiraFiber®.

What you can clean with the Ultimate Cloth-Home, car, boat-indoor and outdoor

For a complete description; please refer to the white paper The Technology.

Other Cleaning Applications

In addition to being a great cleaning cloth the Ultimate Cloth® can also be used as:

  • a replacement for paper towels,
  • a washable, reusable replacement for disposable sheets in floor dusters like Swiffers,
  • a non-chemical alternative for cleaning eye glasses,
  • a duster for electronics, and
  • spot cleaning smudges and fingerprints from phones, glass, and mirrors.

Manufacturing Certifications by Independent Institutes

  • Quality Management: ISO 9001
    • Demonstrates the ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements.
  • Environment: ISO 14001
    • No chemical solvents, binders or additives are used in the original manufacturing process.
    • The water used to split and entangle the filaments is recycled internally and re-used in a closed loop.
    • Will not release emissions or halogen substances when incinerated or placed in landfills.
  • Safety: OHSAS 18001
    • Helps an organization to control occupational health and safety risks.
  • Energy Management System: ISO 50001
    • Using energy efficiently helps to conserve resources and tackle climate change.
  • Oeko-Tex 100 class 1 certificate
    • PVC Free.
    • Guaranteed no harmful substances for the contact with baby skin.

Tips for Care of Your Ultimate Cloth

  • Hand or machine wash.
  • Do not use fabric softener.
  • Wash with other lint-free fabrics.
  • Do not wash with towels! Natural fibers release lint when washed. This lint will attach to the fiber of the Ultimate Cloth thereby reducing its ability to effectively clean.
  • The cloth can be bleached. Remember, though, that other fabrics you wash with it may not be bleachable.
  • It is best to air dry but it can be put in a dryer on low. Dryers, however, can transfer lint from previous loads onto the cloth thereby affecting it’s performance.


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