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Replacement Rotors for Electrostatic Sweeper

The standard rotor that comes with the Electrostatic Sweeper is the Boar Hair Bristle or “Brush” Rotor. Both the Brush and the Vinyl Rotors work for all applications. The differences in the performance of the two rotors reported by users include the following.

  • The brush rotor lasts longer than the vinyl rotor.
  • The vinyl rotor picks up more food and other trash better than the brush.
  • The vinyl works better at picking up larger pieces of debris; like the ones that fall under the dining table after dinner.
  • You can easily clean animal hair, human hair etc. from the vinyl rotor.
  • Removing hair from the brush rotor takes a little bit more time but is easily facilitated with the comb that is included with the sweeper.

If you have purchased an Electrostatic Sweeper with this order and are adding an extra rotor; your cost for the rotor will be $14.99 instead of $19.99. This discount will show up on your order.

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The Fuller Brush Company - A Brief History
With a celebrated history that reflects over a 100 years of excellence, the Fuller Brush Company is one of the iconic names in American business. Its legacy has become synonymous with quality, craftsmanship, and the finest of U.S. manufacturing.

The company was founded in 1906 by Alfred Fuller. Fuller worked out of his sister’s basement making brushes at night and sales calls during the day. He developed a unique business model that drew heavily upon a skilled force of door-to-door direct sales people. These intrepid messengers were a dedicated and driven group who established the legacy of “The Fuller Brush Man”.

No doubt many of today’s baby-boomers (as well as a generation or two that came before them) would remember fondly the Fuller Brush man who came into their homes with a seemingly magical suitcase of products and tales.

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In the ensuing years, the Fuller Brush Company developed and refined an array of innovative products and manufacturing techniques.

Over the decades the company grew substantially, both in revenue and product offerings — always guided by Fuller’s founding credo:

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