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Environmentally Friendly

The Shaws Pads are a non-toxic cleaning product for removing scale, lime, rust, and other hard water deposits from porcelain and ceramic tile.

Easy to use: just dip in water and gently rub. Scale and other hard water deposits automatically release leaving a clean and shiny surface on toilets, sinks, and urinals.

The Shaws Pads – 2 Pad Pack can be used alone or as a replacement pad for the Shaws Handle.

Using the Shaws Pad eliminates chemical pollutants from our water. Additionally, there is no risk of exposure to harmful elements for the person doing the cleaning. What are you waiting for? Try them today!

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Product Information

Why Choose the Shaws Pads Over Other Options?

Pumice Stone with

Pumice Stone

  • Do not produce a variety of irritating, high pitched sounds during use
  • Are malleable and able to get into areas that are unreachable with a stone
  • Require less physical effort
  • Will not damage the porcelain finish
  • Clean the surface area thoroughly without leaving streaks
  • Will not break in two while using them

Chemical Cleaners

  • Do not introduce toxic fumes into the air; thereby, endangering the person who is cleaning (bathrooms are notorious for having poor air circulation)
  • As a non-chemical alternative, work with water and will not eat away at the finish of porcelain fixtures
  • Do not introduce hazardous elements into waste water systems
  • Provide immediate feedback on results; there is no guessing about how much to use
Big Red X over cleaning products indicating that their use should be eliminated.
Sanding Screen with

Sanding Screens

  • Are easy to work with: the Shaws Pads are an actual cleaning pad, not a formless, insubstantial piece of screen
  • Require no time for cutting to an appropriate size before using; pull the Shaws Pads from the package and they are ready to use
  • Do not require a specialized cutting tool: you do not have to decide which pair of household scissors to damage so that you can create a useable sized product
  • Are available in three different versions; ready to use and designed for different cleaning needs

The Shaws Pads Amazing Features


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Chemical-free cleaning

User is spared exposure
to harsh chemicals

No chemicals flushed
into water systems

Removes rust, lime, and
other scale deposits with water


Cleans without damaging
the surface of porcelain
or ceramic tile

Gentle rubbing removes
hard water deposits

No guessing about results


Gentle rubbing removes
hard water build-up

Three design options
tailored to your specific needs

Unlike chemical options
the user has immediate feedback
on the results

Easy to use, Eco friendly, Cleaning Supplies

Innovative and ecologically responsible cleaning products
that work efficiently and effectively
to produce a superior cleaning result
while saving you time and money

Shaws Pads package label with 2 pads
Quantity discounts
1-3 4-7 8-11 12+
$4.99 $4.49 $4.34 $4.14

Product Video

How to remove toilet ring with Shaw's Pads

Duration 00:00:27

This is a short and sweet testimonial about the Shaws Pad.

When you click on the link below the video will open in another tab. Close the tab when the video is finished to automatically return to this page.

View Shaws Pads Testimonial by CLICKING HERE

The Environmental Advantages of Using Shaws Pads

Duration 00:01:19

The Shaws Pads, your non-chemical alternative for removing ring around the toilet. The environmental advantages of using the Shaws Pad include:

  • the waste water system is not polluted,
  • air is not contaminated with toxic odors,
  • protective clothing is not necessary, and
  • bathroom fixtures are not exposed to potential damage.

Tips for Using the Shaws Pads

Duration 00:02:37

Get the best performance from your Shaws Pads. This video offers simple tips on using your Shaws products including:

  • best surface conditions for use,
  • wetting the pad prior to use,
  • ensuring the pad is flat on the surface, and
  • most importantly, do not overwork.


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