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Easily cut through stubborn grease, grime, and baked-on foods.

Using your Stainless Steel Sponges on pots and pans, ovens, grills and barbecues minimizes the need for harsh cleaning agents.

Over 600 continuous feet of 100% stainless steel in the palm of your hand! This rust resistant sponge is coiled 40,000 times to produce a flexible scrubbing sponge that outlasts steel wool and other scrubbers made from less durable nickel, brass, and plastic.

Despite the fact that the sponges were designed to clean cooking surfaces, users have found many other applications for this product (see list below).

Makes a great gift for bridal showers, house warming parties or your favorite barbecue specialist.

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Product Information


  • Cuts through stubborn grease, grime, and baked-on food
  • Quality design and manufacturing
  • Lasts longer than other pads
  • Won’t splinter or rust
  • Gentle to your hands
  • Easily rinses after use

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Other Uses of the Stainless Steel Sponge

  • Food
    Don’t peel vegetables - Scrub your potatoes and carrots with one of the stainless steel sponges and you’ll throw a lot less of your vegetables and nutrients in the trash
    Use to de-silk corn
    Use for scaling fish
  • Home Maintenance
    Clean off drywall and plaster from knives, applicators, and mud pans
    Clean paint roller pans and metal part of paint brushes
    Use to strip paint from furniture
  • Auto
    Clean tires, rims, and hub caps
    Clean motor parts
    Scrub bugs, pitch, and tar off chrome
  • House
    Clean the bottom of your iron
    Use in bottoms of vases to hold flowers in arrangements
    Stuff into holes and cracks around gas pipes, drainpipes, etc. - To keep out mice, rats, and insects
    Place a small piece in sink and shower drains - To catch loose hair and keep drains from getting clogged
  • Yard and Outdoors
    Use old ones to lay in bottom of flower pots for drainage
    Clean camping pots and pans that are black from the fire
    Clean yard equipment e.g., shovels, hoes, rakes, lawn mower parts.
  • Other
    Remove mud from shoes soles
    Great Christmas stocking stuffers, wedding shower and house-warming gifts

Customer Comments from Around the Web

Not Like Other Scrubbers

I grew up watching my Mother use these stainless steel scrubbers and for years thought she bought them from the grocery store; but, every time I bought them there, they rusted! FINALLY, I asked her.

They are NOT like the cleaning pads you find in a grocery store.

Not scratchy on your hands or on kitchen surfaces like other scrubbers.

Cleaning Results

They will keep your stainless steel pots and pans shiny and clean without scratching.

The stainless steel pads clean with water; however, I usually add a little dish soap to help lift and rinse away any grease.

The trick for long standing burnt on oil and grease is to do a little bit at a time. Soak, then lightly rub with the sponge, repeat.

Never without these. They do not scratch and work beautifully on burnt pans.

Cost Savings

They seem expensive, but you can use one sponge for a years worth of cleaning.

I have not purchased scouring powder since I started using these sponges 30 years ago.

I keep them even after they have lost their good looks, which doesn't mean they are no longer useful.

They do NOT rust and last a long time.

Gift Giving

I order a dozen to add to my Christmas stockings list.

A must have, especially for new brides!

These make a great house-warming gift.

This is the perfect gift for bar-be-cue experts

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1 review for Stainless Steel Sponges

  1. cpowers

    I must show you the state of my stainless steel sponge after 5 years use cleaning my pots and pans. How do you ever make any money on this product when they last so long?

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