Ultimate Cloth – Colors


The cloth that cleans with water. NOW in Colors!

All the same qualities as the white Ultimate Cloths but in a package of 4 bright colored cloths!
1 each of: Yellow / Fuchsia / Lime Green / Sapphire
Dimensions – 13½” x 15½” – 4 per package

“Colors” are great for segregating your cleaning cloths by usage. You might want to use Yellow in the bathroom, Sapphire in the kitchen, and Fuchsia in the nursery.

With the Ultimate Cloth® you can:
• protect your home environment,
• reduce the time you spend cleaning, and
• lower your cost for cleaning supplies.
Why wait any longer?

Price Table for Ultimate Cloth Colors - 4 green cleaning cloths per pack

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Product Information

Amazing Features

If you have only one tool in your cleaning kit,
the Ultimate Cloth is the one to have

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The cloth is

Cleaning with water means there is no chemical residue left behind 

No additional cleaning chemicals are needed 

Outlasts natural fiber cloths thereby minimizing manufacturing waste 

Protects users by removing bacteria from the surface


Simple in design, this cloth is a real workhorse

Cleans a multitude of different surfaces

Easily lifts dirt and bacteria

Long lasting

Highly absorbent yet dries quickly

(hand or machine)

Deep cleans yet is gentle on surfaces


Just follow the 5Ws 

WET with water 

WRING out excess moisture; the cloth should be damp,
not saturated 

WIPE the surface
to be cleaned 

Your cleaning is now done! Just WALK AWAY

WASH to reuse your cloth over and over,
again and again


Reduce the number of chemical cleaners you buy, you can now clean with water

The Ultimate Cloth outlasts 5 to 10 natural fiber cleaning cloths saving you money by reducing your expenditures for cleaning supplies

Time is money - the time you spend cleaning is reduced freeing you up for other activities


The time you spend cleaning is reduced

A simple swipe
of the cloth
removes dirt
and bacteria
from the surface

No need to
spend your time
testing out unhealthy chemical cleaning alternatives


Beware of Green Cleaning Products

Here’s the boring stuff Green Cleaning is the use of products and services that reduce the negative health and environmental impact compared to similar products and services used for the same purpose. It does not say that it is safe. It does not say it is non-toxic. It does not say that no hazards result. A product can claim to be “green” as long as another product used for the same purpose results in a greater negative impact to our

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Product Video

Ultimate Cloth Demonstration

Duration 00:05:21

If you have never used the Ultimate Cloth, the time you spend watching this video is worth it. Better than any other video, it succinctly demonstrates the benefits and uses of the cloth.

Why You Should Use the Ultimate Cloth

Duration 00:00:54

The Ultimate Cloth helps you simplify your life.

This innovative cloth cleans with water, no chemicals are needed.

  • Save Time
  • Save Money
  • Safeguard Our Environment

How To Use Your Ultimate Cloth

Duration 00:01:08

The Ultimate Cloth is simple to use. Follow the 5Ws:

  • Wet,
  • Wring,
  • Wipe,
  • Walk away, then
  • Wash to re-use it over and over, again and again.

What You Can Clean With Your Ultimate Cloth

Duration 00:01:29

The Ultimate Cloth is suitable for numerous cleaning applications and all you need is water. Dampen the Ultimate Cloth® and use it on a window, then on a mirror, on a faucet, a countertop, a sink. Use it on appliances, then wipe the door knob and the area around it. Just keep going. Use it on a wall, in the shower, the chrome trim on the car and the vinyl inside it. It is the most effective and versatile cleaning cloth on the market.

Before & After Cleaning Results With the Ultimate Cloth

Duration 00:00:58

The Ultimate Cloth cleans with water; no chemicals are needed. It's the fiber of the cloth that picks up dirt, grime, and bacteria leaving a clean surface behind. A practical cleaning product that safeguards our environment.

Before and After results are shown for:

  • cleaning a window both inside and out and
  • showing the removal of both hidden dirt and visible dirt.

How To Hand Wash Your Ultimate Cloth

Duration 00:00:53

Hand washing is a quick and easy way to clean your cloth so that you can continue your cleaning. All you have to do is:

  • Agitate the cloth in warm water with soap,
  • Use hand soap, dish soap, or laundry detergent,
  • Rinse thoroughly, then
  • Wring and fold.

You are now ready to re-use this eco-safe, long-lasting cleaning cloth. Enjoy your Ultimate Cloth!


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