Introduction to the Shaws Pad | 1:20Tips for Using Shaws Pads | 2:37Shaws Pad Testimonial on YouTube | 0:27

This is a short and sweet testimonial about the Shaws Pad.

Shaws Pads Testimonial

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Ultimate Cloth Demonstration from YouTube | 5:21Before & After Cleaning Results With the Ultimate Cloth | 1:04Why You Should Use the Ultimate Cloth | 0:53How To Use Your Ultimate Cloth | 1:07What You Can Clean With Your Ultimate Cloth | 1:32How To Hand Wash Your Ultimate Cloth | 0:51Ultimate Cloth vs Windex via YouTube | 0:49

If you have never used the Ultimate Cloth®, the time you spend watching this video is worth it. Better than any other video, it succinctly demonstrates the benefits and uses of the cloth.